Bezpieczny uczeń w cyfrowym świecie


Your WebQuest should be good.
We don't want it to be poor WebQuest.  If something didn't come out, mend it.  Ask trainers, friends and if their remarks convince you correct the WebQuest, using the list of following questions.
Look at our WebQuest from the  a) content and didactic  and b) technical point of view.

re. a) 
What will my pupils learn while carrying WebQuest out?
Will I better meet the purposes if I use WebQuest, or perhaps other method would be more effective/efficient? 
Did I formulate basic demands on pupils?   Do I them assess in a proper way: am I granting pupils points e.g. for  errors?
Is the WebQuest   constructed correctly?  Does it have an appropriate structure?
Did I organise students work well?
Is the task  clear ? 
Am I abiding by the copyright?

re b) 
Did I write who is an author (authors) of the WebQuest?
Did I write whom is directed to?  How much time does it take to make it? 
Did  I give the clear Copyright license?
Are there any stylistic, editorial or spelling mistakes?
Is the WebQuest visually attractive (Did I put the copyright information about graphics)?